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“Red Light Therapy4U LLC was founded after personally experiencing acute shoulder pain for months on end. I endured many cortisone shots and physical therapy sessions, none of which provided long-term relief to my pain problem.

One day while listening to a bio-hacking podcast, I realized the repeated use of red and near-infrared therapy whenever the discussion was surrounding pain and inflammation. This sent me on a Google search for red light therapy. What I found was one location offering the service in Boston.

Just two months later, after 2 weekly sessions of Red and near-Infrared light therapy, I was feeling a huge difference. Not only had my pain subsided but my range of motion had increased. I also found that after each treatment I felt relaxed and calm.

It was my personal experience with Red Light Therapy that led me to start Red Light Therapy4U LLC. Red light therapy could benefit you too! I’m a living, breathing testament that this therapy works! Give us a call and let us talk through your wellness and health goals and see how our therapy can help you achieve them.

We all need light to live. We do not get enough to feed our cells. Red and near-Infrared light therapy can help!

No pills, no needles, just LIGHT!”

Jean G.
Certified Light Therapist
Owner of Red Light Therapy4U

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Red Light Therapy4U
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Desktop DinaDesktop Dina
22:28 18 Jan 23
Red light therapy has been an awesome experience. I started out with knee pain which was healed in the first visit, then I worked on ankle pain which took a few more visits before I felt relief. Then I started red light therapy on my face for a lip issue which ended up healing my eyesight! Now I can threaded needle without a magnifying glass!
Sara EllisSara Ellis
19:36 17 Jan 23
I can't say enough good things about this wonderful business! I started coming here in December after it was recommended by a friend who was coming. I noticed an immediate shift in how i felt after the 1st session. My headaches and pain has decreased more with every visit. Plus it's great at keeping the winter blahs away! I sleep better and feel great! Also it helps that Jean is an absolute sweetheart and wants nothing but the best for her clients. Between her and the red lights.. it's a warm hug for the body and soul! very grateful to have found this amazing hidden gem!
Kamilah MitchellKamilah Mitchell
11:38 27 Oct 22
The first thing I noticed was the huge smiles and bubbly energy exuding from the clients who were on their way out of their sessions as I sat in the waiting area. When I had my session for a pinched nerve, I enjoy a full night pain free from ONE session. I'm so happy with the results and the service that comes with it!
Liz NolanLiz Nolan
00:17 18 Oct 22
The business has been around for a year and I never heard of it until recently. After reading about the benefits of red light therapy, I had to try it. What I noticed my first two visits was that it felt like my body was being wrapped in a heating pad. Muscle aches and soreness were noticeably reduced. Interestingly, issues with carpal tunnel that had me in a night brace and with TMJ that had me in a mouth guard, were also lessened, and I do not need the brace or mouth guard currently. Red light is supposed to be good for lessening inflammation so my thought is that it helped those two issues since I did nothing else in my routine to change things. With the changing of seasons and light exposure, I do feel that the 15 minutes of red light therapy, would be beneficial as well. The owner, Jean, is full of knowledge and will discuss how it may help you. It is definitely something to keep in your alternative health management box.
Elizabeth LaPointeElizabeth LaPointe
23:48 27 Sep 22
I had my first red light therapy session yesterday and was blown away by how relaxed and amazing I felt all day. I literally felt like I was constantly being hugged all day long- that feel good oxytocin dopamine release. I plan on making this a regular part of my wellness routine !
Bridget FBridget F
01:56 31 Aug 22
Red light therapy4u is the best! Jean is so kind and knowledgeable. The space is super clean and relaxing. I found red light therapy last winter and found it to be super beneficial for my skin. I wish I lived closer as I’d be there at least once a week! : )
Sharon and KathySharon and Kathy
20:13 07 Apr 22
I have been going to Red Light Therapy4U for almost 2 months. Jean, the owner is absolutely fabulous; enthusiastic and generous with her time, answering all my questions and educating me on all the possibilities of Red Light therapy. Within a couple sessions I saw 100% improvement of my adult acne and definite improvement of my over all skin condition. It has helped with my sleep patterns at night. And I find when I over do my exercise, a spot treatment helps to substantially reduce my knee pain. It will be more difficult to quantify my health goals but I am looking forward to continuing benefits of the therapy for improved energy, anti-aging and mental sharpness. I highly recommend Jean and her service!
Shannan GeartyShannan Gearty
18:30 01 Dec 21
Very impressed by the studio and the atmosphere. I didn't realize Jean's red light studio had a relaxation component to it but I was very excited for my first session. Since then, I have been getting red light treatment over the past few weeks (3-4x a week) and have already experienced quite a few benefits. I noticed that my more prominent scars and facial acne are GONE on certain areas of my body, my sleep has improved tremendously and have had less upper back pain. I am excited to continue getting red light therapy a few times a week to reap the benefits.

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